Overview of OmniCube - White paper


OmniCube is a 2U VM optimized building block that assimilates core storage and server capabilities with the complete set of IT data management functionality required in today’s IT environment. It delivers this functionality at a fraction of the cost of traditional infrastructure products and with an extreme reduction in complexity. Two or more OmniCube systems are deployed in a network, creating an OmniCube Global Federation, a massively scalable pool of shared resources that provides intelligent data movement within and across data centers, globally and to the Cloud.

Baseline Services

  1. High Availability: full high availability with no single point of failure.
  2. Performance: optimized for IO intensive workloads.
  3. Serviceability: extensive reporting, alerting and call home capabilities.

Advanced Functionality

  1. Simplified, Elastic Scale-Out: the Federation scales simply by adding one OmniCube unit at a time, on demand.
  2. Inline and Fast Deduplication and Compression: all data - across its lifecycle and geographies, including the public cloud - is deduplicated and compressed on ingest without impact to performance.
  3. Bandwidth Efficient Replication: efficient data transfer among OmniCubes across remote data centers and to the cloud.
  4. Instant Data Protection: policy engine allows for VM-level backup and replication by a user defined RPO.
  5. Global VM-Centric Management: ability to perform all day to day management operations on a per VM basis.
  6. Public Cloud Integration: data can be efficiently moved to/from the public cloud.
  7. Cache Accelerated Performance: provides high speed access to the most important data.
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